Fourth Friday Formal

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August 23, 2019
Jan Dederick & John Rowe
Jan Dederick      John Rowe


September 27, 2019
Kathleen McClung & Grace Marie Grafton
Kthleen McClung      grace-2


October 25, 2019
Haiku with Bruce Feingold, Renée Owen, Chuck Brickley
Bruce H. Feingold Photo      Renee Owen      Chuck Brickley

No Reading in November or December


January 24, 2020
Randall Mann & Peter Kline
Randall Mann      Peter Kline


February 28, 2020
Kevin Hearle & Laura Schulkind
Kevin Hearle      Laura Schulkind


No Reading in March


April 24, 2020:
Quincy R. Lehr & Tess Taylor
Quincy Lehr     Tess Taylor